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Assistant Professor , Department of Public Management , Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran.



Background and Aim: The sudden outbreak of the new Corona virus has caused a wave of concern among the community and the treatment staff. The effect of work shifts in coronavirus conditions on employees' emotional fatigue with the mediating role of coronavirus stress has been investigated.
Research Method: The present study was an applied and descriptive research in the field of field studies that was conducted cross-sectionally in 1399. The statistical population of the study was 250 nurses of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Amol city. Using a simple random sampling method, a sample of 150 was selected using Morgan table. Data collection tool was a standard questionnaire whose validity and reliability were confirmed. In data analysis, structural equation modeling method was used to measure the fit of the research model and test the hypotheses using SPSS 22 and Amos22 software.
Results: The results showed that shift work disorder has a significant effect on employees' emotional fatigue and coronavirus stress in nurses. coronavirus stress has a significant effect on nurses' emotional fatigue. The mediating role of coronavirus stress in the relationship between work shifts and emotional fatigue was also confirmed.
Conclusion: The rate of transmission in different types of coronavirus mutations with consecutive peaks has caused constant stress in nurses. , Which leads to poor performance and reduced quality of life and ultimately emotional fatigue.