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1 Dep. of occupational therapy, university of social welfare and rehabilitation science, Tehran, Iran

2 Dep. of Occupational Therapy, University Of Social Welfare And Rehabilitation Science, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistance, Biostatistics Group, Biostatistics PhD, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Iran



Functional performance plays an important role in the independence and participation of people with severe psychiatric disorders. The Bay area Functional Performance Evaluation-Task Oriented Assessment (BaFPE-TOA) is a tool that evaluates functional performance. The aim of present study was assessing the convergent validity and inter-rater reliability of the BaFPE-TOA tool that performed by using the classic test theory.
Methods: In this psychometric study, the population is people with severe psychiatric disorders. The patients were selected according to the inclusion criteria and convenience sampling. They were given consent to participate in the study. To examine the convergent validity, two tests; The BaFPE-TOA test and Kohlman evaluation of living Skills (KELS) test were performed for 55 patients. To assess the inter-rater reliability, two examiners (occupational therapist) performed the BaFPE-TOA test for 26 patients simultaneously. Then, Pearson correlation coefficient was used to examine the convergent validity and the  intraclass correlation coefficient was used for assessing the inter-rater reliability.
Results: Participants in this study included 44 men (81.8%) and 10 women (18.2%). The age range of the participants was from 22 to 69, with mean of 41.5 years (SD = 10.5). The Pearson correlation coefficient between the BaFPE-TOA and the KELS was good (r=0.74, p-value <.001). the Intraclass correlation coefficient and Pearson correlation coefficient between the two examiners showed a good relation (r= 0.75, p-value <0.001).
Conclusion: The results showed that the Persian version of the BaFPE-TOA had acceptable convergent validity with KELS and inter-rater reliability that represents the ability of this tool to use in the healthcare environment.