Vol 1, No 4 (2014)


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Standardization of Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale in Iranian subjects with Cerebrovascular Accident PDF XML
Seyed Alireza Derakhshanrad, Emily Piven, Mehdi Rassafiani, Seyed Ali Hosseini, Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahboulaghi 73-77
Effect of Kinesiotaping and Stretching Exercise on Forward Shoulder Angle in Females with Rounded Shoulder Posture PDF XML
Arghavan Hajibashi, Ali Amiri, Javad Sarrafzadeh, Nader Maroufi, Shohreh Jalae 78-83
Comparative Evaluation of Core and Knee Extensor Mechanism Muscle Activation Patterns in a Stair Stepping Task in Healthy Controls and Patellofemoral Pain Patients. PDF XML
Alireza Motealleh, Nader Maroufi, Javad Sarrafzadeh, Mohammad Ali Sanjari, Nasrin Salehi 84-91
Phonological Working Memory in 4-8 Year-Old Persian Children who Stutter PDF XML
Maryam Vahab, Karim Shojaei, Alireza Ahmadi, Mohammad Nasiri 92-96
Effects of Temperature on Wrist Flexor Muscles Endurance PDF XML
Afsun Nodehi-Moghadam, Leila Rahnama, Maryam Habibi, Najafali Dehghani 97-99

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